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For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about photography. As a child, I developed my own film reels in my father's dark room. When I grew up, I went into advertising, where the emphasis on perfection pushed me to excel in my creative talents. Those years of advertising work became an invaluable asset to my photography career.

During my time in advertising, I worked for many prestigious agencies in the south of Brazil, some of which are Artplam, Quadra, D'Araújo, and Talens. I worked on advertising campaigns for health care businesses, hotels, construction companies, and countless others. After a while, I decided to create my own start up graphics design business. Along with a partner, we started Double - Comunicação Integrada de Marketing, an integrated marketing business.

After four years of successful business, I came to the realization that I wanted to focus on photography professionally. We closed Double, and I began apprenticing under professional photographers working in the fashion industry. This opened the door for me to work as a professional photographer in fashion in my own right. I worked for a few modeling agencies, improving and polishing my skills.

I invite you to look through my portfolio. I hope you can verify from my work that there is a difference between taking pictures and professional photography. After my lifetime working in the creative arts, I feel confident in my belief that photography is about capturing the magic in each moment, and that good pictures really do speak for themselves.

In today's world, professional photography no longer remains an exclusive service for models or businesses. Many people seek out my service for personal projects, events, and other special or sentimental moments. What they receive is digitally treated, polished photos from an experienced professional. I have always been proud of my finished photos; they reflect the years of dedication and hard work it's taken for me to become the photographer I am. And, because the field of photography is ever-evolving, I update my technique periodically with continuing education courses.

Currently, I live in Orlando, working in graphic design and photography, specializing in modeling books, weddings, and events. Feel free to contact me to discuss your next event. I'd love to share my years of experience, creativity, and original work with you.



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